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Slough's Town Centre Slum

Council Bosses say its nothing to do with them

Slough Borough Council has stated ..... that Slough ..... is now one of the cleanest boroughs in the South-East (of England).    (source)

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

Every day circa 2,000 people see, walk past or drive past a rat infested road in the centre of Slough next to Slough's High Street shopping centre.

Disease-causing putrefying rubbish has laid undisturbed in Hatfield Road for years, completely ignored by Slough Unitary Authority because council bosses say its not their responsibility.

Evidence of council neglect, indifference and incompetence literally litters the whole of Slough. Acting dumb and doing nothing seems to be the upper limit of the council's abilities.

On Sunday 1 March 2015, Cllr Ted Plenty (Labour, Foxborough) posted on fixmystreet.com/report/594850

This part of Hatfield Road is privately owned, and is not adopted highway. The council's powers are very limited in such cases.

But that is blatantly untrue.

In 2005, after Slough Council had ignored, for more than 2 years, repeated complaints from businesses and residents about 10 feet (3m) high piles of rat-infested rubbish at the rear of Nationwide in Farnham Road, Slough, Paul Janik, then a councillor, took legal action against his own council.

Slough Council repeatedly claimed the law prevented it taking action because the unsightly rat-infested public health hazard was on 'private land'.

After he served legal papers on Slough Council, environment director Denise Alder wrote to Paul Janik claiming the council had 'just discovered' it had full legal powers to remove the mess, clean the area and recover all costs from the land owner.

Shortly afterwards vast amounts of fly-tipping were removed. The area behind Nationwide has been free of fly-tipping ever since.

Why is Slough Unitary Authority (its official name since 1998) so reluctant to use the same legal powers it had in 2005:-

to clean-up Hatfield Road in 2015 ?

The Campaign to Protect Rural England kindly sent the Slough Times a link to a government form for the removal of fly-tipping on private land.

Central Bedfordshire District Council very helpfully told us Slough Council can use these laws for removing private land fly-tipping:-

  • Environmental Protection Act 1990, sections 33, 34 and 59
  • Clean Neighbourhoods Act 2005 - possibly section 50.
We have passed-on these good suggestions to clueless Slough Council.

It seems everyone, except Slough Council, knows how to legally and quickly remove fly-tipping especially rat-infested health hazards.

Labour spent public money on hanging flags from lamp posts proclaiming:-

Proud to be Slough .

How can anyone, or any council, be proud of this rat-infested public health hazard ?

Opposition councillor Diana Coad (UKIP, St Mary's) told the Slough Times:-

Labour constantly tell us we should be 'Proud to be Slough'.

Anyone who is proud of this rubbish needs to have some serious lessons on the meaning of the word 'Proud'.

It is a scandal that this has been allowed to fester in the centre of our town.

Encouraging rats to multiply next to Slough's main shopping centre should NOT be one of Slough Council's core priorities.

Council bosses went on an all expenses paid trip to China in 2013 for the purpose of making Slough a better place.

Improvements never happened, so council bosses returned to China last year.

For the second successive year, an all expenses paid trip to China had failed to make Slough a better place.

This year instead of vising China for the third occasion, council bosses should visit Hatfield Road and spend their publicly funded foreign holiday money on a badly needed Slough Town Centre clean-up.

Angry workers at Thames Central, the tall office block in Hatfield Road, gave this statement to the Slough Times:-

Statements from Employees at Thames Central.


We would like Slough Council to come and spend 1 week at Thames Central and see how their employees and customers would react to fly tipping at Hatfield Road.... I'm pretty damn sure they would take action to clear the mess up!!

It's diabolical.. Proud to be Slough?

If Slough Council are not responsible to clear the rubbish, they could start fining the landowners and ensure the rubbish is cleared.

A Multi Million Pound Company (Amazon) has already moved out of the area and others are following, surely Slough Council can see the benefit of taking action to ensure companies are Proud to be in Slough ?!

Fix the Road.. why is it so difficult ?

This road, behind the High Street, is rat infested with restaurants and supermarkets backing on to the road!

The council, run by Labour for 28 out of the last 32 years, has a No Blame policy which means no one takes any responsibility for anything.

Labour have 33 of the 42 Slough councillors. At main council meetings, 30 of Labour's 33 councillors never say a word. They are completely silent. They are scared of criticising bad council services.

On rare occasions when one of the usually dumb 30 Labour councillors speaks at a main council meeting, they read statements prepared by Labour's propaganda team. Labour councillors, some lacking lucidity and literacy, can not speak with passion, with conviction, with local knowledge and without notes. Someone always has to tell them what they must say.

Another photograph of Slough's shameful mess.

A Slough Council neighbourhood committee under the leadership of chairman Cllr Ted Plenty (Labour, Foxborough), endorsed this council report:-


3a. Slough Borough Council has stated ..... that Slough ..... is now one of the cleanest boroughs in the South-East (of England).

Good service or bad service, Slough's failing bureaucrats get paid the same.

The council's current slogan, printed in a Slough Council email dated 2 March 2015, is:-

Providing excellent customer services is one of the key priorities of Slough Borough Council.

This is the putrefying rat-infested rubbish that businesses, residents, shoppers and visitors to Slough have to experience every day of every week.

Slough Council is controlled by these 3 very powerful people:-

  1. Chief councillor Rob Anderson (Labour, Britwell) also known as The Leader of the Council.
  2. Deputy chief councillor James Swindlehurst (Labour, Cippenham Green) also known as the Deputy Leader of the Council.
  3. Chief executive Ruth Bagley, awarded The Order of the British Empire (OBE) medal, by Prime Minister Tony Blair's government, for unspecified services to local government, also known as the council's 'Head of Paid Service'.

Junction : The Grove / Hatfield Road