Wednesday, 14 November 2018
Friday, 09 March 2018

Slough woman snatched from the safety of her home

Police help fraudsters prematurely kill vulnerable elderly woman

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

On 16 October 2017, 97 years old Doris Julia Grabka was forcibly removed from the safety of her family home in Slough.

Thames Valley Police, whose motto appears to be We always support Slough Council sleaze and corruption, attended to ensure Mrs Grabka's protests were ignored.

As with all bad stories in Slough, Slough Council was directly involved. The council secretly ensured Mrs Grabka was effectively condemned to a premature death in horrific circumstances in a care home 60 miles away from Slough.

It was utterly evil. But neither Thames Valley Police nor Slough Unitary Authority care. Both have quickly forgotten what they did.

It is the Slough Times belief Mrs Grabka would be alive today if she had stayed in her own family home, where she had continuously lived since she and her young family first came to Slough in February 1957.

In her own home Mrs Grabka had her son and a care company providing significantly superior care to what she was given in an alien care home, 60 miles away. That alien care home lacked the skills, interests and commitment to her good welfare.

The Slough Times hopes that litigation in the Courts will expose the wrong-doings of the police and council who, it really does seem, lack decency, professionalism and respect for Slough's elderly citizens. Both lack essential humanity. Any belated apologies are meaningless. It will never bring Mrs Grabka back-to-life. She has gone for ever.

The major culprits are Mrs Grabka's daughter in Spain, Julia M. Gilmore, and Mrs Grabka's grand daughter in Hampshire, Sarah L. Wright.

Both women secretly obtained, by fraud and deception, Lasting Powers of Attorney over Mrs Grabka and her affairs and then used those Powers to Mrs Grabka's acute detriment.

Mrs Grabka did not deserve to die in such horrific circumstances orchestrated by her own daughter and her granddaughter helped by Thames Valley Police and Slough Council.

It is deeply disgusting but what else can one realistically expect in corrupt and sleazy Slough where police officers routinely support a sleaze riddled council ?

Not only is it time to clean-out the council sleaze and disinfect the premises but also to end the police's persistent unwillingness to act like genuine police officers and behave lawfully and impartially at all times.

Doris Julia Grabka
Born a free woman on 24 October 1919
Died prematurely in appalling circumstances on 22 January 2018, 60 miles away from Slough, in Slough Council authorised captivity.